Saturday, January 17, 2009

a tale about a movie and a nose

So....I decided to take the kids to the video store to rent a movie each.
My 2 rules for my son that we are working on are
1: no scary or violent movies
2: No swearing
So of course my daughter quickly finds a movie.My son takes FOREVER as always.(I swear we will decide on our movies before we go in next time.)Anyhow..he looks at the horror ones and all other inappropraite movies.I have to tell him "no" again and again.Then he asked again and it was a violent one ..he got the same response and saidF@*K!!!!
so..I said okay no biggie right? well not for me i felt sooo bad but have been so easy on him.Well enough is enough,i gotta follow thru.He followed me out the door screaming he hates me etc...but i was so proud of myself!!!
Well i had to stop at my salon and he gets out and says" nose is bleeding,I just punched myself."
what the???
well it a shock but remained calm..we got home and he is just miserable play outside for a minite comes in and is a happy boy again...oh my.....

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  1. language is tough one here to. Good for you for folowing through, i know it gets tough sometimes.